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Our Bottles

We use 1 L or 500 ml plastic PET bottles for your beer. These are a one time purchase which with proper use & care will last for many years. Alternatively you may bring your own bottles & we will clean & sanitize before filling. If you have glass bottles, we have a capping machine & will supply you with the caps.  We do not accept any glass bottles that have threads on them. This weakens the glass which makes them prone to breaking when getting capped.

1 L & 500 ml Bottles
Custom Designed For You
Do you have a favourite beer?
Not to worry, tell us which brand
you drink & we will hook you up with our version of your favourite beverage.   

Customer satisfaction is always guaranteed


George's Dark Secret

While you are here don't be shy.  Most of the Celtic Brews "family" are interested in trying new flavours.  Feel free to ask your bottling companion to exchange a bottle or 2 with each other.

Find someone to split a batch with! Check out the emoticon up on the left above the facbook link called Discord.  Chat away and see who would like to share a brew. 
Bottling Beer
Beer Taps
                Draft Systems

Interested in your very own draft system for the man cave, family room, kitchen or garage?

We can hook you up with the sites where you can purchase the equipment. 

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