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Below is just a small selection of the beers

Celtic Brews has to offer.  

As we like to say, if you can buy it, we can brew it!

Please talk to our brewer for details!

Lighter Ales - $135.00

A selection of lighter ales.

Canuck 51 4.8%

A dry north American ale with a crisp, fruity finish. (Labatt's 50)

True North 4.8%

A very Canadian light beer! A good all year around brew. (Molson Canadian)

Ice Breaker 4.8%

A light refreshing Belgian wheat beer flavoured with oranges, camomile tea & coriander. (Shock Top Belgian)

Fundy City 4.8%

A light bodied, highly refreshing golden ale. (Moosehead)

Eeyore's Sacrifice 4.8%

A light Mexican style beer. Light, crisp, easy drinking with lime & orange flavours. (Corona with Lemon or Lime)

Banquet Ale 4.8%

A light, crisp, refreshing beer perfect for summer bbqs or deck parties. One of our most popular beers! (Coor's Banquet)

Lock 11 Pilsner 4.8%

A German Pilsner, Canadian style! (Labatt's Blue)

Sleazy Canoe Ride 4.8%

A lightly hopped, golden coloured ale. (Sleeman's Draft)

Old Sparky Lite 4.3%

Light, golden and refreshing. Great with a BBQ! (Bud/Miller Light)

Buddies Platinum 4.8%

A refreshing light & crisp beer. (Bud Light Platinum)

Orange Handbag 4.8%

This classic German pilsner features mild German hops and bags of flavour! (Celtic Creation)

K Town Gold 4.8%

Since 1664 this has been a classic German beer! (Kronenburg 1664)

Kernwyk Ale 4.8%

An easy drinking summer ale. Add a twist of lime and relax! (Carling)

Trelawney Lite 3.8%

It's "Trelawney Time" (Corona without lemon or lime)

Bushwacker 4.8%

A great wheat beer, with mild citrus flavours. (Celtic Creation)

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Robust Ales - $145.00

A selection of our more robust beers.

Blue Bezerker 4.8%

An unfiltered IPA full of citrus flavours yet low in bitterness. Well balanced with caramel undertones. Hints of grapefruit, mango & passion fruit. A great beer all year around. The brewmaster's favorite. (Celtic Brews Creation)

Box "O" Frogs 5%

A robustly hopped IPA full of citrus flavours with a long finish ( Mad Tom)

The Mendicant Monk 5%

A classic German Hefeweizen with a mild banana, mango & pineapple notes. A slight sourness to finish. (Paulaner)

Foggy's Bottom 5.5%

A golden coloured, full flavoured IPA with notes of pine, tangerine & passionfruit. (Juicy Ass)

Moscow Mule 7.0%

A big, bold imperial stout with a wow factor. High in alcohol yet deceptively smooth on the pallet & very easy drinking. (Russian Gun)

New World IPA 4.8%

An unfiltered session IPA continuously hopped throughout the brewing process to give a mild citrusy, bitterness. (Dogfish Head)

Black Dog IPA 4.8%

A dark full bodied India Pale ale, bursting with rich roast malt flavours and a strong combination of English and New World hops. (Murphy's)

Throat Punch Pale Ale 4.9%

"Down Under" citrus flavours and rich caramel undertones gives this great year round ale, some real bite! (Celtic Brews Creation)

8 Ball Black Lager 4.8%

A traditional dark German Lager with a blend of roasted malts with bittersweet chocolate-coffee notes & a slight hop presence. (8th Sin Black Lager)

Dark and Stormy 5.0%

A rich tasting, yet light bodied ale from the North of England (Celtic Brews Creation)

Old Wrinkled Sporran 4.8%

A classic Kentish ale full of noble hops and caramel goodness. Great all year round. (Old Speckled Hen)

Big Girl's Blouse 5.50 %

A full bodied IPA bursting with grapefruit, lemon & mango flavour hop notes. A great refreshing beer. (Celtic Brews Creation)

For the Sweet Love of Darkness 5.0%

A rich, dark milk stout. Smooth and creamy, this delicious beer pairs well with cheese, chocolate and red meat. (Celtic Brews Creation)

Bent Screw Pale Ale 4.8%

A toffee coloured pale ale full of rich caramel undertones balanced with a lingering grapefruit finish. (Publican House)

Barking Spiders 4.8%

A north american style IPA, deep golden in colour. With mango and passion fruit hop notes. (Celtic Brews Creation)

Knee Trembler 4.8%

A straw coloured north American IPA with a long finish. Mildly malty in flavour with notes of citrus orange and grapefruit. (Celtic Brews Creation)

Ankle Biter 5.0%

Bursting with citrus hop flavour, this session IPA is not for the faint of heart. A smooth, crisp and refreshing finish make this one hard to beat. (Celtic Brews Creation)

Revenuers 5.5%

A rich Scottish Ale bursting with vanilla, oak & malt overtones. Smooth & creamy. (Innis & Gunn)

Jester's Tears 4.8%

A traditional English IPA. Golden in colour with gentle notes of caramel balanced with a mild bitter citrus finish. (Celtic Brews Creation)

George's Dark Secret 4.9%

A dry Scottish oatmeal stout, full of rich robust flavours & mildly hopped. (Celtic Brews Creation)

Trent River Pale ale 4.8%

A dark malty ale with a great hop balance for those long winter nights in front of the fire. (London's Pride)

Tintagel ESB 5.0%

A rich dark Irish ale full of malty flavours and spicy hop notes. Go on, you know you want to! (Castle)

1/2 Back IPA 4.8%

Strong malty flavours with citrus bitterness make this a classic IPA. (Celtic Brews Creation)

Sheriff Bart's Oyster Stout 5.0%

The name says it all. A nice dark stout. (Celtic Brews Creation)

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Medium Ales - $145.00

A selection of medium bodied ales.

Hope Springs 4.8%

Caramel flavours and a blend of noble and new world hops make this amber offering hard to resist. (Creemore/Muskoka Cream Ale)

Reach 4 The Sky 4.8%

An amber Kentish ale with notes of toffee, grapefruit, honey & fresh bread. (Spitfire)

Platinum Olde 4.8%

A German style Kolsch. Lightly hopped, creamy and bursting with European flavour. A big seller, customer approved. (Celtic's Brews Creation)

Murky Maiden 4.8%

An unfiltered Hefewiezen. Hints of orange, lemon & ginger with a mild sour note to finish. (Hoegaarden)

OMG They Killed Kenny 4.8%

A classic Irish cream ale. Mild hop notes with caramel undertones. (Kilkenny Irish Red)

Legacy London Ale 4.8%

A premium British beer lightly hopped with a nice caramel balance.

Long Lugger 4.8%

A crisp refreshing Germanic Ale. Biscuity overtones with German hops make this a year round favorite. (Beau's Luggtread)

Stroppy Old Git 4.8%

Classic English mild beer. A malty biscuity flavour balanced with noble & american hops. (Pompass Ass/ English Brown)

Roundhole Red 5.0%

A traditional Irish Red Ale, full of roasty goodness, balanced with delicate noble hops. (Rickard's Red)

Mayday Amber Ale 4.8%

A German style copper coloured ale. Nicely hopped for flavour you can't beat. (Keith's / Hockley's Amber)

Wreckers 5.0%

A lightly hopped, mid brown ale full of caramel and nutty flavours. Styled on an award winning beer from the UK. (Doombar/ Sleeman's Honey)

Wife Beater 4.8%

A crisp, refreshing European style beer. Lightly hopped yet full of flavor. (Stella Artois )

Sweaties 4.9%

A classic Scottish ale with caramel hints and a mild hopiness. (Tennants)

Riptide Pale Ale 4.8%

A straw coloured pale ale bursting with a tangy grapefruit flavour. (Upside IPA)

Jez's Pale Ale 4.9%

"Down Under" citrus flavours and rich caramel undertones make this a great all year round pale ale. (Keith's w/more flavour)

Newfie Brown 4.8%

A traditional Northern English brown ale with a strong fruity & full bodied taste. (Newcastle Brown)

Wooly Sheep Best Bitter 4.8%

A Tradition Yorkshire bitter, amber in colour & loaded with noble hops. Malt flavours & a long finish. (Samuel Smith)

I Bock Your Pardon 4.8%

An amber coloured, traditional styled German bock. Medium bodied ale lightly hopped with mild malt characteristics. (Celtic Brews Creation)

Down East Pale Ale 4.8%

A good old pale ale from "Down East". (Alexander Keith's)

Celtic Brews Pale Ale 4.8%

Our signature English Style Pale Ale. Flavourful and gently hopped. (Celtic Brews Creation)

St. Michael's Pilsner 4.8%

A Czech style Pilsner with rich overtones and a spicy hop finish. (Urquell)

Green Eyed Armadillo 4.8%

An unfiltered citrusy IPA. Copper coloured with a full bodied flavour. (Celtic Brews Creation)

Grumpy Chipmunk 4.8%

An amber lager brewed with noble hops & balanced with Canadian 2 row malt. (Barking Squirrel)

Sunny Stinger 4.8%

An amber coloured session IPA with nicely rounded citrus flavours & a balanced malt profile. A nice bite. (Celtic Brews Creation)

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Craft Beer

 Here at Celtic Brews, we aim to offer great beer for all types of beer drinkers.    

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