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A Selection of our Beers

Lighter Ales

Banquet Ale 4.8%  

A light, crisp, refreshing beer perfect for summer BBQ’s or deck parties. One of our most popular beers!

(Coor's Banque)

True North - 4.8%

A very Canadian light beer! A good all year around brew. 

(Molson's Canadian)

Eeyore's Sacrifice 4.8%  

A light Mexican style beer. Light, crisp, easy drinking with optional lime & orange flavours.

(Corona w/lime or lemon)

K Town Gold 4.8%
 Since 1664 this has been a classic German beer!    (Kronenburg 1664)

Orange Handbag 4.8%
This classic German pilsner features mild German hops & bags of     flavor. 

Old Sparky Lite 4.5%
Light, golden & refreshing. Great with a BBQ. (Bud / Miller Lite)

Ice Breaker 4.8%
A light refreshing Belgian wheat beer flavoured with oranges, chamomile tea & coriander.  (Shock Top Belgian)

Lock 11 Pilsner 4.8%
 A German Pilsner, Canadian style.

Trelawney Lite 4.5% 

 A light, crisp, easy drinking beer.  A great light summertime beverage. (Corona)

Buddies Platinum 4.8% -  A refreshing light & crisp beer.     (Bud Light Platimum)

Canuck 51 -  4.8% - A dry north American ale with a crisp, fruity finish.      (Labatt's 50)

Fundy City Ale  4.8%  

A light bodied, highly  refreshing golden ale.  (Moosehead)

Sleazy Canoe Ride  4.8%  

A lightly hopped, golden coloured ale.  (Sleeman's Draft)

Kernwyk Ale 4.8%

An easy drinking summer ale.  Add a twist of lime and relax!  (Carling)

Medium Ales

Long Lugger 4.8% 

A crisp refreshing Germanic Ale. Biscuity overtones with German hops makes this a year round favorite.

(Beau’s Luggtread)

Riptide Pale Ale 4.8% 

A straw coloured pale ale bursting with a tangy grapefruit flavour.

(Upside IPA)

Hope Springs 4.8% 

Caramel flavours & a blend of noble and new world hops make this amber offering hard to resist.

(Creemore / Muskoka Cream Ale)

Platinum Olde 4.8%

A German style Kolsch. Lightly hopped, creamy & bursting with European flavour. A big seller, customer approved.

Murky Maiden 4.8%

An unfiltered Hefewiezen. Hints of orange, lemon & ginger with a mild sour note to finish. (Hoegaarden)

Wreckers 5.0%

A lightly hopped, mid brown ale full of caramel and nutty flavours. Styled on an award winning beer from the UK. (Doom Bar)

Legacy London Ale  4.8%

A premium British beer lightly hopped with a nice caramel balance.

Gray Beard  4.8%  

A German amber ale. Bronze in colour & mildly hopped using  traditional German hops & barley.

Mayday Amber Ale 4.8%

A German style cooper coloured ale. Nicely hopped for flavour .

(Keith’s/Hockley’s Amber)

St. Mike's Pilsner 4.8%

A Czech style Pilsner with rich overtones & a spicy hop finish. (Urquell)

Wife Beater 4.8%

A crisp, refreshing European style beer.  Lightly hopped yet full of flavor.  (Stella Artois )

I Bock Your Pardon 4.8%

An amber coloured, traditional styled German bock. Medium bodied ale lightly hopped with mild malt characteristics.

Down East Pale Ale 4.8%

A good old pale ale from "Down East". (Alexander Keith's)

Celtic Brews Pale Ale 4.8%

Our signature  English Style Pale Ale. Flavourful & gently hopped.

Sweaties 4.9%

 A classic Scottish ale with caramel hints and a mild hopiness. (Tennant's)

Reach for the Sky 4.8%

 An amber Kentish ale with notes of toffee, grapefruit, honey & fresh bread. (Spitfire)

OMG They Killed Kenny  4.8 %

A classic Irish cream ale. Mild hop notes with caramel undertones. (Kilkenny Irish Red)

Grumpy Chipmunk  4.8% 

An amber lager brewed with noble hops & balanced with Canadian 2 row malt.  (Barking Squirrel)

Roundhole Red 5.0% 

A traditional Irish Red Ale, full of roasty goodness, balanced with delicate noble hops.        (Rickard's Red)

Newfie Brown 4.8% -  A traditional Northern English brown ale with a strong fruity & full bodied taste. (Newcastle Brown)

Wooly Sheep Best Bitter 4.8% 

A Tradition Yorkshire bitter, amber in colour & loaded with noble hops. Malt flavours & a long finish. (Samuel Smith)

Jester's Pale Ale 4.9%

"Down Under" citrus flavours & rich caramel undertones make this a great all year round pale ale. (Keith's w/more flavour)

Stroppy Old Git 4.8% 

Classic English mild beer.  A malty biscuity flavour balanced with noble &  American hops.  (Pompass Ass, English Brown)

Robust Ales

Blue Berzerker 4.8%  

An unfiltered IPA full of citrus flavours yet low in bitterness. Well balanced with caramel undertones. Hints of grapefruit, mango & passion fruit. A great beer all year around.  

New World IPA  4.8%

 A unfiltered session IPA continuously hopped throughout the brewing process to give a mild citrusy, bitterness. (Dogfish Head)

Big Girl's Blouse 5.0 %

A full bodied hoppy IPA bursting with grapefruit, lemon & mango flavours.  A great refreshing beer.

Throat Punch Pale Ale 4.9% 

"Down Under" citrus flavours & rich caramel undertones gives this great year round ale, some real bite!

Trent River Pale Ale  4.8%

A dark malty ale with a great hop balance for those long winter nights in front of the fire.   (London’s Pride)

Bent Screw Pale Ale 4.8%

A toffee coloured pale ale full of rich caramel undertones balanced with a lingering grapefruit finish.  (Publican House)

Old Wrinkled Sporran  4.8%

A classic Kentish ale full of noble hops and caramel goodness. Great all year round.              (Old Speckled Hen)

Revenuers 5.0% - A rich Scottish Ale bursting with vanilla, oak & malt overtones. Smooth & creamy  

(Innis & Gunn)

8 Ball Black Lager 4.8%

A traditional dark German Lager with a blend of roasted malts with  bittersweet chocolate coffee notes & a slight hop presence.  

(8th Sin Black Lager)

Box “O” Frogs  5.5% - A robustly hopped IPA full of citrus flavours with a long finish  (Mad Tom)

For the Sweet Love of Darkness 5.0% - A rich, dark milk stout. Smooth & creamy, this delicious beer pairs well with cheese, chocolate & red meat.

Black Dog IPA  4.8%

A dark full bodied India Pale ale, bursting with rich roast malt flavours and a strong combination of English and New World hops.  (Murphy’s)

Dark and Stormy 5.0%

A rich tasting, yet light bodied ale from the North of England

Foggy’s Bottom 5.0%

A golden coloured , full flavoured IPA with notes of pine, tangerine & passionfruit.   

(Juicy Ass)

The Mendicant Monk 5.0%

A classic German  hefeweizen with a mild banana, mango & pineapple notes. A slight sourness to finish.   (Paulaner)

Tintagel ESB 5.0% 

Rich dark Irish ale full of malty     flavours & spicy hop notes.      Go on, you know you want to!    (Castle)

1/2 Back IPA 4.8%

Strong malty flavours with  citrus bitterness make this a classic IPA.

Barking Spiders 4.8%

A north American style IPA, deep golden in colour. With mango and passion fruit hop notes.

Ankle Biter 5.0%

Bursting with citrus hop flavour, this session IPA is not for the faint of heart. A smooth, crisp & refreshing finish make this one hard to beat.

Moscow Mule 7.0%

A big, bold imperial stout with a wow factor. High in alcohol yet   deceptively smooth on the pallet & very easy drinking.    

 (Russian Gun)

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