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    Great Prices!

Tired of paying "Big Box Store" prices?  Our prices are guaranteed to keep you coming back. Check it out for yourselves.

  Craft Your Own!

Brewed from scratch with all natural ingredients.

Made with no chemicals or preservatives. Better for your health, better for your wallet.

Special Occasions

Having a party or a special occasion? We have just the beer for you!.

Along with a jockey box you can take your keg with you.


We make all our beers from scratch with no preservatives which gives you the true flavour of what beer should taste like. 

Assorted Grains

We always use only fresh ingredients. Custom made beer for your 

style and taste.


Fresh Ingredients

We use natural ingredients for maximum flavours.

  We can fill your own glass bottles &       supply you with new caps.  Only bottles with a solid lip and not threaded can be used. 

We offer a choice of 500 ml or 1L PET plastic bottles to choose from for bottling.

Bottle Capping Machine
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